We would like to acknowledge the Barngarla people as the traditional owners of the land on which our shop stands. We acknowledge their strong connection to land, sea, culture and community.

Our first design is by a local Wirangu Kokatha women, Kelly Carbine. It tells her story of spending time with family and friends on the beautiful west coast, from Elliston to the Nullarbor, a stretch of coast we all love, live and breathe, and hold in the highest regard.

Please read Kelly’s description of her design: “This design shows how the salt water is an important part of my culture. The parallel wavy lines represent the rippling of water, the sand hills that run along the coast, and tells the story of family bonding and community coming together. This is shown by the concentric circles which signify places and the elements of family and community uniting to swim and enjoy costal food on the beach keeping culture strong and maintaining connection to country. The curved U shape symbolises a person and represent the shape that is left in the sand when a person sits crossed legged. The marks that are placed either side of the symbol can define whether it is male or female, the man is indicated by the straight lines, which are his spears for hunting.